OpenDNS has partnered with IT security software provider Check Point Software Technologies and social media-based cyber threat detection software company ZeroFOX to help businesses extend their security capabilities beyond a corporate network's perimeter.

The San Francisco-based cloud network security service provider this week launched a security platform and application programming interfaces (APIs) aimed to provide businesses with advanced threat detection (ATD) capabilities both inside and outside a corporate network.

OpenDNS pointed out that many employees use multiple cloud services on various devices worldwide, often outside an office-based enterprise security perimeter.

David Ulevitch, OpenDNS' CEO, said his company's new security platform and APIs, however, enable businesses to collect and integrate cyber threat intelligence from numerous sources and leverage this information to protect their employees, regardless of employee location or device.

"We're providing a mechanism that allows businesses to extend their security from a 9 to 5 service model to a 24-hour model instead," Ulevitch told Talkin' Cloud.

Ulevitch noted security is enforced via the OpenDNS Global Network, and businesses now can provide the same level of security to employees both inside and outside a corporate network.

Check Point and ZeroFOX partnerships are just the beginning

OpenDNS has also combined Check Point's and ZeroFOX's security intelligence tools with its global threat enforcement capabilities to launch new integrations that could help its customers further enhance their network security.

"Combining OpenDNS's global, cloud-delivered security platform with intelligence from our partners' advanced detection capabilities results in unmatched protection," Ulevitch said in a prepared statement.

Ulevitch pointed out that the new integrations enable OpenDNS customers to use Check Point's anti-bot detection capabilities and ZeroFOX's social media-based cyber threat detection and prevention tools to stop targeted malware, phishing and other malicious activities.

"Hackers and cybercriminals are already experienced at sharing intelligence, infrastructure and operational expertise," Ulevitch added. "We see vendor partnerships ... as the best strategy for the security community to leverage our collective strength against advanced, targeted attacks."

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In addition to OpenDNS' Check Point and ZeroFOX partnerships, the cloud network security service provider previously announced a joint solution with cybersecurity and malware protection company FireEye (FEYE) in February and is likely to incorporate new integrations into its new security platform too.

"The platform itself already has a few integrations built-in and ready for you to use, including FireEye, Check Point and ZeroFOX," Ulevitch wrote in a blog post. "We will continue to add new partners and update you as new integrations become available"

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