Alert Logic, a security-as-a-service provider, has launched end-to-end security solutions for the Microsoft (MSFT) Azure cloud platform. Rohit Gupta, Alert Logic's vice president of business development, said he believes these security solutions will allow Microsoft Azure customers to migrate their applications to the cloud securely.

"We are excited to provide Microsoft Azure customers with a suite of security and compliance solutions," Gupta said in a prepared statement. "This will give more and more businesses the ability to stay secure, compliant and use their internal resources to focus on their business, not their security."

Microsoft Azure's shared responsibility approach to security requires customers to protect their applications and data, which is critical for enterprises that leverage cloud and hosting environments.

In Alert Logic's Spring 2014 Cloud Security Report, released last month, the company said there was a significant increase in attacks across cloud and hosting environments last year. Stephen Coty, Alert Logic's chief security evangelist, noted the increase in cloud attacks was directly related to the growth of cloud adoption in the enterprise.

"As more enterprise workloads have moved into cloud and hosted infrastructures, some traditional on-premises threats have followed them. This reinforces the necessity for enterprise-grade security solutions specifically designed to protect cloud environments," Coty said in a prepared statement.

With its latest release, however, Alert Logic said it is able to provide application, network and system security for workloads running on the Microsoft Azure public cloud. In addition, the company claims its new release will allow customers to fulfill their security and compliance requirements with a single solution across cloud and hybrid IT environments.

"Security and compliance are top priorities of Microsoft Azure customers. We're pleased that Alert Logic's security suite gives customers the option of an additional layer of network and application security designed specifically for the Azure cloud," Vibhor Kapoor, Microsoft's director of product marketing, said in a prepared statement.

Alert Logic has partnered with over half of the largest cloud and hosting service providers to deliver security-as-a-service solutions for business application deployments, the company said. Meanwhile, Alert Logic claims its hybrid model for cloud security gives customers a single-pane-of-glass view into their security and eliminates the need to deploy multiple security products for different environments.