Freshdesk announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Pipemonk, a Bangalore-based startup that helps companies move data between cloud platforms, for an undisclosed amount.

According to TechCrunch, Pipemonk launched in 2014 to help customers move data easily between cloud applications such as CRM, e-commerce, marketing and help desk services. The interface was designed to be easy enough to use that it doesn't require IT support. 

As part of the acquisition, all of Pipemonk’s 13 employees will be joining Freshdesk. 

In October, Freshdesk acquired another Bangalore-based startup, Chatimity, which uses artificial intelligence and chatbot technology to enable user interaction and engagement. Freshdesk plans to leverage this technology in its chat platform.

The acquisition of Pipemonk marks Freshdesk's seventh acquisition since August 2015 when it acquired 1CLICK for an undisclosed sum. It will be interesting to see how well all of these acquisitions and small teams are integrated together to power the next generation of Freshdesk products. 

Freshdesk closed a $55 million funding round in November to help expand its product line and add more intelligence to its products in 2017. The company has 100,000 customers, mostly SMBs.

“Having your apps talk to each other and enabling seamless flow of data plays an important role in any business today, and we at Freshdesk are focused on making that workflow process simple for our customers,” Freshdesk CEO and founder Girish Mathrubootham, said in a statement.

Freshdesk has an office in Chennai, India, as well as offices in the Bay Area, London, U.K., Sydney, Australia, and Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2010 and has grown to over 800 employees around the world.