Cloud deployment, management and monitoring services provider 2nd Watch has released a new service delivery model that is designed to make it simpler to migrate applications and services to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

According to 2nd Watch, the new delivery model simplifies both the options and pricing of AWS—both of which have taken a beating on occasion for their complexity. The company calls its new service delivery model CM3, and it's based on repeatable building blocks of services that it will select, deploy and manage for customers based on their specific needs.

"Moving to the cloud can be complex when you consider all the variables involved, including organizational politics," said Matt Gerber, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing at 2nd Watch, in a prepared statement. "We're excited to make this process easier. CM3 allows our clients to complete an AWS deployment in days vs. weeks, saving considerable time and money, but more importantly, clarifying a process that has the attention of senior managers and stakeholders at our client companies."

2nd Watch noted that the typical consultancy method for cloud implementations can be a long, protracted process, particularly for large companies. They typically involve lengthy statements of work and "an army of lawyers and other experts" to create a custom plan and deliver in both scope and price. The vendor has a solution to those perceived problems, of course.

The way CM3 works is 2nd Watch evaluates customer needs and goals before selecting products that match those requirements. The CM3 building blocks include pre-defined services such as cloud readiness assessment, cloud road map, proof of concept, security compliance, implementation services and detailed architectural design.

It sounds like an efficient and cost-effective way to managing customers' migration to the cloud. According to 2nd Watch, CM3 has been in development for more than six months. Aimed at midmarket and large enterprises moving critical business applications and data to AWS, CM3 is meant to decrease the time it takes to determine what is needed for the transition to cloud.