Cloud-based business phone services provider Easy Office Phone on Thursday revealed a new managed Internet service designed to optimize phone quality and enhance data security for SMBs.

Dubbed Managed Internet, the new product aims to protect cloud-based voice and data applications from congestion and threats commonly found while accessing the public Internet.

To deliver this technology, Managed Internet connects multiple locations together into a single encrypted private network.

Easy Office Phone Sales and Channel Development VP Carl Watene said in an interview with Talkin' Cloud that the new product will "revolutionize the way SMB and SME companies work with their MSP and IT groups."

"We’re building the foundation for the next evolution of cloud-based business phone service," Watene said.

He also said the new Managed Internet product "delivers significant revenue streams" for managed services providers (MSPs) by enabling them to offer cloud-based applications to customers.

Easy Office Phone will pursue browser-based applications like Web RTC integrated with HTML 5 soft-phones, large-scale video conferencing platforms and other cloud-based applications in the upcoming year, he said.

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