Cloud Technology Partners has released PaaSLane 2.0, its cloud platform that analyzes Java and .NET application source code in the hopes of improving cloud readiness and accelerating the migration of applications to public and private clouds.

When the first version's beta was announced in October, Cloud Technology Partners noted the platform was intended to smooth the transition from apps on traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud while optimizing the apps for their new environments. With the general availability announcement of version 2.0, Cloud Technology Partners has added new and enhanced features that are meant to speed up the migration process and provide additional optimization tools.

Included in the new/enhanced features are:

  • The ability to rapidly assess applications for cloud readiness and identify quick wins that can be migrated quickly while priotizing scarce resources.
  • Acceleration of cloud migrations and the development of cloud-native software.
  • Continuous optimization of applications by providing real-time intelligence on changes that affect the application.

"In the past two years the use of public cloud for enterprise workloads has skyrocketed. Many enterprises are looking at what it will take to migrate mission-critical applications from expensive data centers to agile cloud environments, and this is where PaaSLane shines," said Ben Grubin, director of Product Management at Cloud Technology Partners, in a prepared statement.

Grubin noted that the challenges that surround cloud application migrations have resulted in many failed migrations, delays or flawed apps upon migration. PaaSLane 2.0 is intended to solve those problems and provide a simpler and more effective way to migrate apps to the cloud.

PaaSLane was designed to assess existing Java and .NET apps and provide quantifying factors such as coding errors, hardcoded dependencies, security and scalability problems.

"PaaSLane helps overcome these issues by leveraging source code inspection and a built-in cloud platform knowledge base driven by extensive research to identify and resolve issues quickly, accelerating application migration and cloud optimization," Grubin said.