Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) used its HP Discover 2013 conference in Las Vegas to reconfirm its commitment to driving a hybrid cloud adoption model, but the company also announced several new capabilities that will drive both private and public cloud. And most of the new products and features revolve around HP's growing OpenStack intiative.

The technology giant has clearly been busy with its cloud computing R&D. One of the most important cloud-related announcements to come out of this year's HP Discover is a common architecture for HP Converged Cloud. And it's entirely OpenStack-based, giving yet another boost to the popular open cloud computing platform.

Included in the announcement are:

  • HP Cloud OS, an open and extensible cloud platform that uses OpenStack to enable workload portability, simplified installation and enhanced lifecycle management across hybrid clouds.

  • HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite, an extension of CloudSystem that aims to make it quicker, easier and more cost-effective for organizations to get started with rich application cloud services. According to HP, the bundled solution reduces upfront costs by 20 percent.

  • HP Moonshot to be offered with Cloud OS. This will provide simplified provisioning and management for specific cloud workloads including dedicated hosting and large-scale websites.

"In order for enterprises to deliver the new style of IT, they need control over their data, as well as flexibility in service levels and delivery models for their workloads," said Bill Veghte, COO of HP, in a prepared statement. "Only HP has the portfolio and expertise that combines the innovative power of open systems with enterprise-grade manageability and security. The result for customers is a cloud that enterprises can rely on."

HP also announced new professional services to help customers accelerate their move to the cloud. The services have been launched under the HP Converged Cloud Professional Services Suite tag. Within the new professional services offering are several new services, including HP Converged Cloud Support, HP Cloud Design Service, HP Cloud-ready Networking Services, HP Proactive Care for CloudSystem and HP Cloud Security Risk and Controls Advisory Services. HP has also launched an update to HP Applications Transformation to Cloud Services.

Within HP Enterprise Services, HP also had some cloud announcements related to accelerating cloud migration, including:

That's a lot wrapped into a single announcement, and it likely bodes well for HP's cloud strategy and the company's various channel partners.