Internap Network Services has taken its OpenStack-driven public cloud into general availability. AgileCLOUD, which was announced in November 2013, was designed to be a flexible, high-performance public cloud, and Internap unveiled its general availability at OpenStack Summit Atlanta.

"OpenStack offers a flexible platform that gives providers the ability to innovate and deliver cloud infrastructure that is free of vendor lock-in," said Christian Primeau, senior vice president and general manager of cloud and hosting at Internap, in a prepared statement. "Building AgileCLOUD on OpenStack allowed us to focus on integrating the features that are central to our value proposition, including infrastructure hybridization and delivering best performance to end users. The result is an advanced open cloud computing solution that allows customers to meet a full range of workload needs, from large-scale, distributed environments to real-time, data-intensive applications."

A few of the key features of the general availability version of AgileCLOUD include:

  • Server performance tiers and custom configuration. Internap is offering three configuration series, and customers choose based on their performance requirements. Options include two virtual instance series and a bare-metal series for application requiring higher levels of performance consistency. Each series offers configurable memory, CPU and SSD options.
  • Entirely SSD storage with guaranteed performance. According to Internap, its SSD storage focus prevents performance variations that stem from the noisy neighbor effect of multi-tenancy. Internap guarantees quality of service.
  • Cloud network optimization. Using Internap Performance IP technology, AgileCLOUD aims to lower latency and provide consistently higher performance.

Internap is an early supporter of OpenStack and has been a contributor to several versions of the cloud platform, including Essex, Folsom, Grizzly and Havana.