Managed cloud services provider Stratalux has unveiled a Logstash-based open-source IT log management solution for companies looking for a centralized logging solution. The offering is available now on the Amazon (AMZN) Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Stratalux's Logstash AWS Marketplace AMI (Amazon Machine Image) has been configured with the Logstash server, Kibana web interface, ElasticSearch storage and Redis data structure server. The AMI also enables customized dashboards.

Stratalux CEO Jeremy Przygode said in a prepared statement that a critical component of any IT organization is centralized logs.

"With the introduction of Logstash powered by Stratalux, we are taking centralized logging to the next level by applying our expertise in open-source software and Amazon Web Services that brings a comprehensive logging solution to companies that won’t break their IT budgets," he said.

The company said its solution on AWS Marketplace provides two support models: community and standard.

With community support customers rely on the open-source community for support via IRC and forums. The company's standard support provides managed services support via email support during business hours.