(CRM) has pushed out new tools and features to assist developers with building apps that help users make the most of "micro-moments." The tool sets include mobile design templates, mobile packs and a new SmartSync Data Framework.

Salesforce Developer and Partner Marketing Vice President Adam Seligman announced the new tools in a blog post at, pointing to the rise of micro-moments, which he says help employees make every moment count.

"This rise of the micro-moment, the resurgence of JavaScript, and the expectation of beautifully designed, engaging apps, has changed what users expect from their mobile app experience," he said. "Enterprise developers need new tools to deliver these apps for their customers, employees, and partners."

The company's mobile design templates and mobile gallery contains pre-designed templates to give developers a head start. These templates let developers quickly customize apps to suit their needs, Seligman said. He also said these templates can connect with any customer data in Salesforce by using a mobile pack.

The company also released four new mobile packs for Knockout.js,, Sencha and Xamarin. Seligman said these new packs enable developers to build apps using the their favorite tools and frameworks, while connecting to valuable Salesforce business data.

And last, but not least, Salesforce added a new SmartSync Data Framework to help developers build apps that work anywhere, whether users are online or offline. This framework aims to take away the need of managing offline data andsynchronizing that information when connectivity is restored.

Salesforce recently revealed Salesforce AppExchange statistics to show how well the site is doing among users.