Red Hat (RHT) is rolling out a new platform as a service (PaaS) certification for businesses using OpenShift, the company's on-premise private PaaS offering.

Red Hat said the new certification is designed to ensure that IT teams possess the skills necessary to get the most out of their OpenShift Enterprise environments.

Specifically the certification tests candidates for their knowledge, skills and ability to create, configure and manage a cloud application platform. Candidates must also demonstrate that they can tackle real-world tasks typically required in production environments to obtain the certification, the company said.

Red Hat offers Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Administration, a course aimed at helping customers build their teams' readiness to adopt and use this new technology and to assist with test preparation.

Red Hat Cloud and OpenShift Vice President and General Manager Ashesh Badani said in a statement that the Red Hat Certifcate of Expertise in PaaS is an example of how the company is committed to providing services to help enterprises deliver applications faster through improving productivity and increasing operational efficiency.

"It builds on Red Hat’s leading certification program, which focuses on hands-on testing of real-world skills to provide enterprises with professionals who have proven experience," he said.

Separately, Red Hat unveiled OpenShift Enterprise 2, which was designed to provide customers with the ability to increase the speed, efficiency and scalability of their IT service delivery, this week.