Cloud storage provider Panzura has announced plans to support Joyent Manta Storage Service, a cloud object platform designed to provide a low-cost solution for unstructured data.

Here’s what each company brings to the deal. Panzura provides its global file system for worldwide storage consolidation and distributed file sharing. Joyent’s contribution is the Manta Storage Service for unstructured data storage. 

Panzura Global Cloud Storage Systems in conjunction with the Joyent Manta Storage Service provides the following capabilities:

  • Sharing of files across all sites of a globally-distributed enterprise for improved access and productivity;
  • Full data security from military-grade encryption of data both in motion and at rest in the Joyent Cloud;
  • Integration with massively scalable cloud capacity for all unstructured file storage; and
  • Cloud-based active archiving, backup and disaster recovery services.

According to a Panzura press release, Panzura is the first cloud-integrated storage company to support Joyent Manta Storage Service.

"By combining the Joyent and Panzura platform and integrating with Dell hardware, enterprises can efficiently and quickly access and process unstructured data with lower cost and a streamlined infrastructure," said Panzura Vice President of Channels and Business Developer Jim Thayer in a prepared statement.

Joyent President and CEO Henry Wasik said in his prepared remarks that the partnership provides Joyent customers with a "full-featured cloud-integrated NAS solution with a global file system and rapid data access and processing in the cloud."

For more information on the Panzura partner program, visit the company's website.