IT and network technologies provider NEC Corp. has placed a bet on desktops as a service (DaaS) by partnering with DaaS platform provider Desktone Inc. Through this partnership, NEC hopes to deliver full-featured Windows desktops to any device by leveraging the Desktone Platform. Here are the details.

NEC says it has been working with organizations to transition business functions to the cloud, and that means moving Windows desktops there. Through the Desktone partnership NEC says it can bring the benefits of Windows desktops including security, scalability and efficiency to multiple device types including end user tablets, smartphones, laptops and PCs.

"NEC has deep experience helping and transforming organizations in multiple industries, such as retail, healthcare, education, manufacturing and finance, smoothly transitioning enterprise applications to the cloud to help improve business agility," said NEC Managed and Cloud Services Vice President Vinod Muthuswamy in a prepared statement. "By adding desktops to our private application cloud, we're able to broaden our cloud portfolio and provide end-to-end automation and management of enterprise workspaces in a way that makes IT more efficient and affordable."

The company said this offering will help employees working from home by providing real-time access to business-essential programs.

Muthuswamy said other platforms were considered, however, NEC believed that Desktone's platform is considered to be leading-edge technology.

"Desktone brings the simplicity of managing a desktop or a desktop virtualization environment,” he said.

"Service providers are increasingly leveraging DaaS as a way to simplify virtual desktop deployments," said Desktone CEO Peter McKay in a prepared statement. "Many have tried traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offerings, but found them to be not suitable for cloud delivery. By delivering desktops as a cloud service, service providers such as NEC can easily wrap virtual desktops around their existing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services while offering customers a flexible, affordable and device-independent desktop management strategy."

This solution will be available in beginning of the third quarter. It is also support Apple iOS, along with other major platforms. To learn more about the offering, visit the company's website.