Lumeta Corp. is updating its network management and security tools with a new cloud and virtual machine-based deployment model that combines the advantages of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and the benefits of pay-as-you-go.

The updates, Lumeta IPsonar 6.0 and Lumeta Enterprise Situational Intelligence (ESI) 2.1 are slated for general availability in April 2014.

ESI enables organizations to gain network situational awareness of their presence in private, public and hybrid clouds, since Lumeta ESI can listen to and crawl physical or virtual networks in near-real time, the company said.

"Lumeta ESI can work seamlessly across dispersed environments -- physical, mobile, virtualized, cloud -- to provide comprehensive visibility into all network activity and networked devices regardless of where they are located or whether they are physical or virtual in nature," Lumeta Chief Product Officer Reggie Best said in a statement.

The company said cloud-based deployments of Lumeta ESI place a virtual ESI Command Center in the Lumeta Cloud and virtual ESI Scouts in the customer’s cloud instance, which can be private, public or both.

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