IBM (IBM) today said it's investing another $1 billion in its cloud business to deliver new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) capabilities to connect data and applications to the cloud.

To address hybrid cloud computing challenges and other market dynamics, IBM said it will be focusing on a new PaaS product that combines IBM software, third-party and open technologies; bringing its middleware portfolio to SoftLayer; and expanding services on Softlayer.

The new PaaS solution called BlueMix was designed to provide DevOps in the cloud to assist developers, independent firms and enterprise teams with developing an open, integrated development experience that scales, the company said.

With regards to IBM's middleware portfolio, which includes WebSphere, IBM plans to bring it to SoftLayer through pre-defined "software patterns" to extend existing applications to the cloud. According to IBM, these software patterns enable application portability across a hybrid cloud environment.

Big Blue said it will continue to expand and invest in services running on SoftLayer, a cloud services provider that IBM acquired in June of last year for about $2 billion, focusing on DevOps, systems management as a service. Additionally, IBM also integrated its Power Systems into its SoftLayer cloud infrastructure.

IBM Software and Cloud Solutions Senior Vice President Robert LeBlanc said in a statement that Big Blue is "ushering a bold new era of innovation by partnering with developers in an open environment to accelerate the emerging world of hybrid cloud computing."

"We are combining the strength of our developer ecosystem with the depth of subject matter expertise in domains such as mobile, Big Data and DevOps, to build a scalable model that easily spans from a single developer to global teams," he said.

CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey said in an email statement that IBM is known for its ability to achieve industry transitions, such as the shift to public cloud.

"IBM’s $1 billion commitment to PaaS further reinforces CloudBees’ long standing vision that empowering developers with an on-demand platform is key to providing businesses access to the next productivity quantum leap," she said.

IBM has been making its cloud efforts known by releasing many cloud-related announcements throughout 2013, as well as noting a variety of awarded cloud patents. And Big Blue doesn't seem to be slowing down in 2014.

In January 2014 Big Blue threw $1.2 billion at 15 new data centers around the world to expand its SoftLayer cloud services into new markets, and, just this week, Big Blue announced its plans to acquire privately held database-as-a-service (DBaaS) provider Cloudant to extend its Big Data and analytics, cloud computing and mobile offerings.

Billion dollar investments are in line with IBM's character. In addition to the billion dollar investments above, Big Blue also made billion dollar investment in new Linux and open source technologies for IBM's Power Systems late last year.

If IBM continues to go down the same investment path in the future, the industry may have to start thinking about changing the company's nickname from Big Blue to the Billion Dollar Company.

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