Heirloom Computing recently announced its new cloud-based licensing-as-a-service (LaaS) solution to offer enterprise software publishers and commercial application providers an alternative to license management, providing an answer to the company's own problem.

The company designed its solution to tackle licensing issues. Now, instead of producing, shipping, installing and managing software licensing keys, providers are given the ability to manage licenses through a single browser-based dashboard for any device on any platform. The solution also enables providers with the capabilities to provision and manage users, track service and feature usage and change pricing.

"What we discovered was an software licensing market that is dominated by a few vendors who have the wrong technology stack (and consequently the wrong model) for solving this," said Heirloom Computing CEO Gary Crook via email. "Installing keys and license daemons on end user hardware is invasive and troublesome, and moving that process to the cloud provides an extremely elegant alternative with significant upsides for application providers and their clients."

Crook said its common for many support incidents to be issues with licensing, around 20 percent to 30 percent. He added that enterprises leveraging a key/daemon model to manage software licenses will benefit from this solution the most.

The company also recently released a new job scheduler designed to accelerate moving apps from legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud.