eFolder yesterday launched a new version of its Anchor cloud-based file sync and share software platform for cloud services providers (CSPs), managed service providers (MSPs), solution providers and value-added resellers (VARs).

The company said the new release, Anchor version 2.0, "gives partners enhanced visibility and control over their client environments and improves collaboration for users." eFolder acquired Anchor in September 2013.

Anchor 2.0 is eFolder's largest release since the platform was introduced in November 2012.

"This is a highly anticipated release," Pierre Tapia, eFolder's vice president of product, said in a prepared statement. "Anchor 2.0 contains a host of additional architectural improvements, which allow us to continue to innovate around the collaboration functionality of Anchor."

Tapia also noted Anchor 2.0 includes file locking, its most requested feature to date. 

File locking enables users to lock a file or folder for an indefinite or specific amount of time and can be used to disseminate files and folders that are intended for read-only use, according to eFolder.

"The file locking capability eliminates the biggest pain point experienced by users who are maximizing the collaboration capabilities of Anchor," said Ted Hulsy, eFolder's vice president of marketing.

Other Anchor 2.0 features include:

  • Agent health reports
  • Daily Email Digest updates
  • Download as .ZIP option
  • Individual Shares filter
  • Policy enforcement capabilities
  • Revision rollback for files
  • Windows Phone (Windows 8) mobile application

Hulsy said he believes Anchor 2.0 could provide valuable support to his company's partners for years to come.

"Partners are already exceeding margins of 60 percent on the Anchor service," Hulsy said. "With the new features in Anchor 2.0, partners now have an even larger addressable market for the product and will now be able to empower clients with a richer and more agile collaboration experience."

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