Concurrent is partnering with Hortonworks to energize Hadoop, the open source big data platform, with rapid application development (RAD) technology. 

Together, Concurrent and Hortonworks claim their software tools will allow cloud services providers (CSPs) to rapidly build, test and deploy new data processing, analytics and machine-learning applications, the two companies said in a prepared statement. 

For CSPs and enterprises focused on Big Data solutions, Concurrent and Hortonworks say their offerings include:

  • Standards-based technology like Java and ANSI SQL.
  • The Hortonworks Data Platform, an Apache Hadoop-based data management platform.
  • Concurrent's Cascading application framework, which developer use to build Big Data applications on Hadoop.

Concurrent CEO Gary Nakamura said: "By partnering with Hortonworks, we are combining the power of two premier big data technologies to deliver a holistic solution that further enables enterprises to drive differentiation through data."

Hortonworks is partnering on multiple fronts. The company hooked up with Red Hat (RHT) and Mirantis in April 2013 to provide open source APIs and simpler transitions when moving to Hadoop.

For more on the Hortonworks partner program, visit the company's website.