Automated cloud migration and disaster recovery software developer CloudVelocity has introduced One Hybrid Cloud software, technology designed to help make Amazon Web Services seem like a secure extension of enterprise data centers. In addition, the company closed $13 million in Series B funding, bringing the total funding raised to $18 million. 

One Hybrid Cloud lets enterprises run their existing and new Linux and Windows multi-tier and multi-system apps without modification in AWS.

One Hybrid Cloud software also automates discovering constituent hosts, blueprinting system components and configuration, provisioning cloud resources, continuous replication and synchronization of the entire app stack (including operating system, kernel, app software stack, and app data), and service initiation in the cloud site to extending infrastructure services (like LDAP and Active Directory), the company said.

CloudVelocity CEO Rajeev Chawla said in his prepared statement that today's solutions fall short when it comes to migrating existing enterprise apps to the cloud.

"We automate five sets of critical processes and extend authentication and other network services into the cloud, making the cloud a seamless extension of the data center," he said. "Our goal is to accelerate the migration of enterprise apps into the cloud and to drive higher levels of agility, protection and scale for apps trapped in the data center today."

This round of funding was led by Third Point Ventures and included additional investments from Pelion Venture Partners and previous investor Mayfield Fund. Proceeds will be earmarked for use in accererating the company's roadmap and growth.

CloudVelocity has partner programs available on the company's website.