DevOps management platform provider CloudMunch has made a move to assist software developers deploying applications onto OpenStack cloud infrastructures through its CloudMunch Open DevOps platform.

According to the company, the solution was designed to provide developers and IT operations with the capabilities to leverage virtually any preferred tool chain for development as well as continuous integration with continuous deployment to OpenStack.

Features included in the new platform:

  • Project Level Self-Service Provisioning enables project teams to control the usage and management of infrastructure at the project level rather than the organizational level.
  • DevOps App Builder enables creation and deployment of new apps, integrations, tests or deployments. Apps are discoverable, context specific and ready for self-service usage.
  • Customizable Software Delivery Progression Workflow ensures application and infrastructure software builds go through all checks and balances in a transparent way from development to test and release. 
  • Integrated Open Dashboard makes code progression transparent and provides alerts to project managers, testers, operations and developers.
  • Cloud Scale DevOps Engine enables deployment and continuous integration with enterprise-class scalability and performance, enabling master-master and master-slave clusters.

"At CloudMunch, we know it’s about choice so we focus on giving development and operations the freedom to choose whichever tools that make sense for their functions while uniting them into a powerful DevOps management platform to facilitate cross-team delivery," said CloudMunch CEO Pradeep Prabhu in a prepared statement.

CloudMunch is offering a free trial of CloudMunch Open DevOps on the company’s website.