Cloud data security company CloudLock is launching a new cloud-based selective encryption solution for organizations in need of protecting sensitive data in the public cloud, but, then again, who doesn't need protection in the public cloud?

Coming off the heals of a $16.5 million in Series C round of funding, CloudLock is now offering an alternative to so-called legacy encryption solutions, which it says typically require a gateway to be installed, a hassle that CloudLock is hoping to remove from the equation.

The company's solution to the problem is called CloudLock Selective Encryption, and it's a "pure SaaS solution that requires no change on the customer network, can be enabled in minutes, and has no negative performance impacts," CloudLock co-founder and Marketing and Business Development Vice President Tsahy Shapsa told Talkin' Cloud.

"In speaking with hundreds of organizations, we’ve learned that while they need to encrypt sensitive data stored in the public cloud, they were reluctant to deploy gateway- or proxy-based solutions, because this architecture works against the whole notion of adoption SaaS and the public cloud (allowing employees work the way they live: anywhere, anytime from any device)," he said.

Through the new solution, channel partners can now "offer their Salesforce and Google Apps customers an affordable, simple way to deploy enterprise encryption solution," Shapsa said.

"As an emerging company, CloudLock believes a great deal of our success is rooted in our channel-friendly approach," he said. "We will continue to invest in channel enablement, delivering both products and incentives to make our channel partners successful in their mission of supporting their customers’ cloud initiatives."

CloudLock Selective Encryption can be both end-user driven as well as fully automated data loss protection (DLP) remediation action enabled by CloudLock’s compliance engine.

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