Open cloud application company Cloud Elements announced a new tool to connect cloud SMS messaging, voice, and email application programming interface (API) platform Twilio and cloud-based email deliverability specialist SendGrid through a single uniform API.

The Cloud Elements Messaging Hub was designed to provide a single console for software developers to integrate, provision, monitor and maintain both services, while also being able to bring both Twilio and SendGrid services into their software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

According to the company, the solution's singular dashboard offers automated monitoring and innovative tagging for granular account tracking.

"Cloud Elements’ mission is to make it easier for developers to integrate, monitor and maintain the cloud services their applications depend on," said Cloud Elements CEO Mark Greene. "Cloud Elements brings these two messaging leaders together with a uniform API and consolidated monitoring, logging and analytics. Developers can use both of their services in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the code."

Cloud Elements Messaging Hub is available without charge for the remainder of 2013, the company said.

Cloud Elements recently added pre-built integration for Cloud Foundry developers.