China Unicom is joining a handful of cloud services providers (CSPs) that have already taken a share of the Chinese cloud computing market by launching its own cloud, according to Web Host Industry Review.

The Chinese telecom company's OpenStack-based software called Wo-Cloud will be delivered from data centers located in Hohhot and Langfang, the report said.

"China Unicom will focus on IaaS- and PaaS-level products for 3G, broadband, and public customers by creating a public service cloud," China Unicom Presidnet Lu Yimin said in a statement.

Other CSPs that have shown interest in the Chinese cloud computing market over the past year include the following:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) noted last week that it would be operating out of a Beijing data center, where "China-based and multinational companies with customers in China will be invited to begin using" the data center.
  • IBM (IBM) joined forces with 21Vianet (VNET) to make its IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ available in China. A move that was made because of "the rising demand for managing more complex, mission critical workloads and applications in the cloud by large enterprises," IBM said.
  • Microsoft (MSFT) launched its Windows Azure platform in the country through 21Vianet back in May.

Additionally, Internet-based e-commerce company Alibaba Group plans to expand its data centers to support local Chinese businesses through Aliyun, the company's cloud division, it said in a statement this week.