The word is out: backup and disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity is a top prioirity for IT administrators, but are businesses paying attention?

Jennifer Walzer, CEO at Backup My Info! (BUMI), told Talkin' Cloud in an interview that her company has "seen the full gamut" of busineses when pitching to potential BDR and business continuity customers.

Some businesses "have no clue what's going on" and "are so far behind the times that it's scary," she said. Others, mainly financial firms, are requesting more and more protection because "they know they can't be protected enough."

"In general, most of the time, while they might have a plan, they've never really had to enact it, and they' not convinced that it's going to actually work; or if it's going to work, it's not going to be idle for them, due to various reasons," Walzer said.

Walzer, who has participated in the Talkin' Cloud feature Friday's Last Word, said her Manhattan-based managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in online data backup and recovery, develops business continuity plans "pretty quick" for customers.

"We work backwards, from the recovery strategy first," she said.

This process ensures that BUMI, a company founded in 2002, fully grasps a customer's current plan and infrastructure, Walzer explained. From there, BUMI recommends one of its own  solutions.

BUMI, a company that has a "sweet spot" of customers with between 10 to 1,000 employees, focuses primarily on businesses that specialize on professional services.

"These are firms who really value their data and want to be protected right," she said.

To stay on top of changing regulations in various vertical industries, BUMI dedicates "someone who is focused on it in the company, one of our engineers," Walzer said.

She added: "You really need to have someone staying on top of it, truly."

BUMI, a company with 11 employees, is always hiring, especially "great engineers and salespeople," Walzer said. The company is also looking for a marketing manager, too.

By the end of the year, BUMI, which has more than 500 businesses and 40 channel partners work closely that with the company, plans to reach 14 employees.

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