Bitium has announced partnerships this week with Zapier and Mover to assist users with moving data between apps and cloud services.

According to Bitium, the partnerships will provide a "more seamless, unified approach to enterprise app management," expanding the capabilities of Bitium's app management platform.

Through Zapier, Bitium users can use the platform's API mappings and can move data between applications. With the web automation platform's API mappings for web apps, companies can integrate  applications without the need for additional code or secure APIs.

Bitium users can now move data from one storage system to another and backup their websites and files through Mover. The service offers data migration and backup services for 22 cloud service providers.

Bitium co-founder and CEO Scott Kriz said in a statement that SaaS apps should be able to integrate with other devices and each other.

"Bitium’s integrations with Zapier and Mover will allow apps on the Bitium platform to 'talk' to one another, streamlining data and file sharing among apps in an environment that is efficient and secure," he said.

The Bitium app management platform enables organizations to manage software as a service (SaaS) apps through single sign-on, permissions management and a messaging system.