Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider Bit Refinery has announced it will offer Hadoop Hosting, a dedicated service that let companies store and analyze large amounts of data.

The service will give customers access to the data storage and analytics data without investing in their own massively parallel computing (MPC) appliance, the Bit Refinery said. The Hadoop Hosting also offers fully dedicated servers, a private high-speed network and full console control.

Bit Refinery Managing Partner Brandon Hieb said in his prepared remarks that Hadoop Hosting allows customers to leverage new technology without a large, up-front capital investment.

"Customers can store and analyze huge amounts of data with in-depth querying capabilities at an extremely low cost," he said. "In addition, because of the architecture of Hadoop, our customers’ data is replicated to other nodes so their data is safe."

The company recently announced a solution that enables companies to test applications and software in a full-feature VMware (VMW) development environment before deploying to Bit Refinery’s enterprise production platform.

Bit Refinery has a referral partner program available for partners.