Amazon (AMZN) has updated its AWS (Amazon Web Services) Console mobile app for iOS and Android to support viewing deeper information about load balancers and RDS (relational database service) instances and elastic load balancing on AWS. 

The new features include the ability to view configuration details, metrics, and alarms, as well as secuirty and network settings. The app update also lets ELB customers view health check stats, security groups, and instances assigned to each load balancer. RDS customers can view security and network settings for their instances.

The AWS Console mobile app includes features for EC2, ELB, Amazon RDS, CloudWatch and the Service Health Dashboard.

The AWS Console mobile app is now available on Amazon Appstore, Google Play, and iTunes.

AWS recently enabled users to migrate Amazon EC2 reserved instances (RIs) between availability zones within the same region, instead of being bound to a fixed availability zone.