Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week released a new management console for AWS CloudFormation to simplify creation and management stacks of AWS resources.

The cloud provider said in a blog post that the new version updates the look and feel of the console. AWS also said other enhancements include the auto-refreshing of stack events.

Users who are not set on the new console are able to switch back to the old one. Additionally, AWS is asking users to provide feedback.

The company said CloudFormation support has been added to Cross-Zone load balancing for Amazon Elastic Load Balancing and Worker Tier for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Other notable AWS updates

AWS also recently updated AWS CloudFormation to make it easier for developers to manage relational database service (RDS) read replicas.

To follow are a few other recent AWS updates:

Amazon expanded its AWS Console mobile app support for iOS and Android to provide deeper viewing information on load balancers and RDS instances and elastic load balancing on AWS.

AWS users can now migrate Amazon EC2 reserved instances (RIs) between availability zones within the same region, instead of being bound to a fixed availability zone, as well as between network platforms.

AWS CloudFormation is now available for the AWS GovCloud (US) region.