Cloud storage backup and disaster recovery provider Asigra Inc. wasted no time in announcing Google (GOOG) Apps support for Asigra Cloud Backup version 12.2, which was also announced this week at the Asigra Cloud Backup Partner Summit in Toronto.

According to Asigra, Google does perform backups to ensure that user data is available at all times, but it excludes an important part of the backup process: retrieving deleted, edited, or corrupted information -- a feature that Asigra plans to include.

The company said Asigra Cloud Backup v12.2 automatically protects Google Apps data at all times, while also allowing companies to backup and restore all important business information in Google Apps, including emails, calendars, contacts, documents and sites.

In addition, users can automate and schedule backup activities for the data in Google Apps, select the number of generations of the information that need protection, set retention rules, and decide different backup frequencies for different sets of data.

Asigra Vice President of Marketing Tracey Staniland said in a statement that Google Apps is a growing part of the fast-paced SaaS application market.

"As an innovator in the area of cloud-based data recovery we have extended our platform to Google Apps, providing our customers with the ultimate solution for physical, virtual, mobile and cloud-based data protection," she said.

Companies can backup or restore at the entire domain level, the account level, or individual files or emails, and restore them as they were at a point in time.

Asigra extended these capabilities to Salesforce (CRM) back in November 2012.

More details on the Asigra partner program can be found on the company's website.