Hosted business communication, collaboration and IT provider Apptix (APP) has announced Active Directory Management, a new tool for managing users and the IT environment. Here are the details

AD Management from Apptix (ADM) enables partners to manage access and services within Microsoft’s (MSFT) Active Directory by securely synchronizing information, including user passwords and security policies between local and hosted servers in real-time.

The new capabilities are available on existing technology deployed by partners, the company said. 

According to the Apptix the new offering provides the following benefits:

  • Full identity management -- User ID and passwords are centrally managed so that one interface ensures that users have access to the right information across multiple systems and applications;
  • Central management interface -- Centralized management has familiar appearance and straight-forward screens and prompts;
  • Unified passwords -- User passwords can be synchronized from AD to the applications, so users can access the applications with the same password they use to log in to Windows. Password policies can be enforced without the burden of supporting users who have trouble remembering several passwords for several programs. Sensitive password data is protected even from administrators;
  • Application level integration --  Automatic login and synchronization goes further than operating system and server logins, down to and including application level secure logins. This resolves end-to-end password administration issues; and
  • Monitoring and audit -- Full AD transaction auditing and reporting available.

Apptix President and CEO David Ehrhardt said in a statement that the solution allows administrators to manage services and access from a single, central point, while also enabling employees to access information and cloud-based applications.

To learn more about the Apptix partner program, visit the company's website, where various programs are available.