Adaptive Computing announced this morning five new patents for its Moab optimization and scheduling software to improve power management for cloud data centers.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the patents for multiple aspects of intelligent power management, including the following:

  • Calendar-based power capping -- Helps navigate power quotas by identifying optimal times to operate data-intensive simulations.
  • On-demand power management -- Optimizes workload by properly allocating resources and powering off servers as needed.
  • Predictive placement -- Employs power-aware policies to manage energy consumption within data centers more evenly and save on cooling costs

Adaptive Computing CEO Rob Clyde said in a prepared statement that the company has increased its patent portfolio by 50 percent within the last year.

"Since 2008, we have been successfully using many of these power-aware capabilities with our users," he said. "As evidence for the value these patents carry, one of our biggest customers was able to completely pay for Moab within the first few weeks of adoption from the resulting power savings."

The company has also been extending its patent portfolio to encompass other key areas of cloud computing, including data management, guarantees, reservations, billing, managing complete environments, dynamic system optimization and cloud-bursting.

Adaptive Computing works with a variety of technology and system integration partners to build and optimize and cloud management.