(CRM) has announced the general availability of Salesforce1 Heroku Connect, technology that connects the  Salesforce1 customer relationship management platform with Heroku, a cloud-based platform used for app development.

First announced at Dreamforce 2013, the new synchronization technology integrates the capabilities of Salesforce1 and Heroku, and provides bi-directional data flow between the two databases. Heroku is a subsidiary of Salesforce, acquired by the company in a deal completed in early 2011.

Salesforce Platform Marketing Vice President Scott Holden told Talkin' Cloud that partners have been demanding this technology from the company.

"The combination of these two technologies is where the power is and where the magic happens," he said.

Before Salesforce1 Heroku Connect, app developers had to connect raw APIs together in order to map the two databases together, Holden explained.

Salesforce1 Heroku Connect is only available as a part of the Salesforce1 Connected
Customer App Package, which combines Heroku, Salesforce1 and Heroku Connect into one bundle.

This news comes on the heels of AT&T adding Salesforce to its network-enabled cloud ecosystem. AT&T customers will be now be able to use their virtual private networks (VPNs) to connect to Salesforce services using AT&T NetBond.

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