IBM will provide big data services for its federal healthcare customers to help them aggregate and analyze clinical information. IBM's Watson Group, which created a Jeopardy!-winning supercomputer that can read and understand natural language, will deliver these cloud services.

In a press release, IBM said it will make several healthcare investments to address the technology needs of hospitals, medical clinics and public health systems across the country. The company noted it ultimately wants its Watson-based healthcare services to help "improve care and reduce costs."

Anne Altman, general manager of IBM U.S Federal Government and Industries, said her company's goal is to provide value-based healthcare solutions.

"Government leaders recognize that there is a tremendous opportunity to combine new and existing data sources with advancements in technology to find innovative ways to build a sustainable and affordable healthcare system," Altman said in a prepared statement.

The Watson-based cloud services IBM will deliver to its federal healthcare customers include the following:

IBM also will offer its Advanced Care Insights solution to help healthcare providers evaluate behavioral, clinical and social data. This solution leverages IBM Content Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract information from physician notes and lab results.

In addition, IBM has named Dr. Keith Salzman as Chief Medical Information Officer for IBM Federal. Salzman previously held the same role with professional services and IT solutions provider CACI International (CACI).

IBM currently holds more than 600 healthcare-related patents in its research portfolio and claims its big data solutions are being used "to improve patient outcomes for more personalized and patient-centric care."