Oracle (ORCL) Thursday introduced Oracle Cloud Adapter for (CRM) in order to deliver a single integration platform that unifies cloud and on-premises applications, the company said.

According to Oracle, unified integration between on-premises and cloud applications "reduces the time, cost and complexity of application integration projects."

Oracle Product Management Vice President Demed L’Her said in a statement that "organizations have relied on a mix of integration tools, each focusing on either cloud or on-premise applications."

"With Oracle Cloud Adapters, Oracle has extended our commitment to simplifying and securing key applications by unifying the integration experience between cloud and on-premises applications," he said. "Oracle will continue to release additional out-of-the-box adapters with Oracle SOA Suite to help customers better connect to cloud applications."

Oracle Cloud Adapters have been built on top of more than 300 standards-based integration adapters already made available by Oracle and are supported Oracle SOA Suite.

With Oracle Cloud Adapter for, Oracle said integration development time can be reduced by half.

With regards to Oracle's cloud strategy, the company plans to engage some of the big competitors in the public cloud space by launching its own infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering at some point during the first half of 2014.