Despite multiple distractions at Cisco Systems, the company's cloud computing partner program continues to march forward. Multiple sources say the Cisco Cloud Partner Program, announced in March 2011, went live around June 15. And a dozen cloud partners will step into the spotlight at this week's Cisco Live conference in Las Vegas, Talkin' Cloud has learned.

At Cisco Live, the networking giant's Cloud Partner Pavilion will include:

Cisco's Cloud Partner Program includes three categories: Cloud resellers, cloud builders and cloud service providers. Many of the cloud partners were already part of Cisco's managed services partner program. Not by coincidence, many elements of the cloud partner program come directly from the managed services program.

In some ways, Cisco's cloud progress is overshadowed by rumored layoffs. Wall Street analysts estimate that Cisco will cut 5,000 to 10,000 jobs in August, Reuters reported. Cisco did not return a request for comment from Talkin' Cloud. But Cisco will provide a business update during an August earnings call, according to Reuters. The rumored Cisco layoffs surface a few months after CEO John Chambers suggested Cisco had lost its focus.

Still, the Cisco Cloud Partner Program is worth noting. Most of the one-dozen companies in the Cisco Cloud Partner Pavilion have deployed their data centers using Cisco technologies.

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