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May 24, 2016

Ransomware Advisory: Protect Your Clients from the Latest Malware Threats

The worldwide ransomware epidemic continues to heat up, grabbing more headlines each week. It’s never been more important to make sure your customers....More
Apr 25, 2016

IT Channel Partner Saves Dental Practice from Ransomware Attack

Dr. Mark Alexander of Alexander Dental Group will never forget the morning his busy dental practice fell victim to a ransomware attack. It couldn’t....More
Apr 11, 2016

Five Cloud Backup Myths and Tips on How to Bust Them

One of the best ways to increase sales of cloud backup software is to arm yourself with the facts and be ready to address any concerns your clients....More
Apr 01, 2016

How SDDCs Can Help You More Effectively Meet Customer Demand

In today's digital economy, the customer is increasingly driving the development of new applications and services They want what they want--now--and....More
Mar 17, 2016

How the Software-Defined Data Center Helps Companies Effectively Leverage the Cloud

More and more organizations are leveraging the power of the cloud, but, in many ways, the management of the cloud has not kept up with the use of the....More
Mar 07, 2016

Grow Your Business With Vertical Compliance Certifications8

In the early days of cloud implementations, it was up to customers to ensure their clouds were compliant with industry regulations. MSPs, prior to....More
Mar 07, 2016

What Does Increased Cloud Adoption Mean for the Future of MSPs?1

Driven by the promise of lower costs and greater flexibility, SMBs are adopting SaaS-based products in droves--and that means big changes for MSPs....More
Feb 19, 2016

Channel Partner Uses Cloud Backup to Rescue Client from Ransomware Attack

When you’re an IT services and solutions provider, there’s no better way to look like a hero than to save someone’s digital life. Just ask Lane....More
Dec 28, 2015

Cloud-Native Apps for Service Providers3

Over the years, we’ve watched as new cloud services continued to carve significant revenue streams for service providers--from app hosting and....More
Dec 22, 2015

Buzzword Bingo: Choosing the Right 'Cloud' Cybersecurity Solution

These days, everyone is talking about the cloud. Every technology company has catchy advertising taglines about cloud architecture, and it’s not an....More
Dec 21, 2015

4 Things You Should Know About Phishing1

Phishing campaigns come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are obvious and indiscriminate, luring only the most naive of victims (like a phish....More
Dec 10, 2015

Three More Reasons Why Your SMB Clients Should Back Up Office 365 Data

Clearly, IT channel partners are interested in bundling backup with Exchange Online and Office 365. But it’s not always easy to explain to your....More
Nov 13, 2015

Best Practices for Remote Deployment and Management of Cloud Backup

The newly updated Carbonite Pro Prime and Carbonite Advanced Pro Bundle plans are designed to make it easier for IT solution and service providers....More
Nov 06, 2015

Why Cloud-Based Secure Web Gateways Are Becoming So Darn Popular

The modern online landscape offers great advantages to modern organizations, but also brings significant risks. To ensure the success of a business,....More
Oct 31, 2015

Three Questions about Online Security

When you give your personal information to a financial institution, government or insurance company, you have a certain level of trust that they will....More
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