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What Is a Microservice, Anyway? A Primer for MSPs 1
It's a buzzword that your customers have probably heard by now, but that they likely don't fully understand. As an MSP, it's your job to educate them.
Fighting the DIY Mentality in the Managed Services Market
Twenty-five years ago, before open source became widespread, it was not possible for most organizations to use in-house resources to create the services that they needed to operate.
Microsoft's Docker Strategy: The Future of Windows Containers
Overview of Microsoft's strategy in offering Docker containers on Windows.
Software Monitoring and MSPs in the DevOps and Microservices Age
Application uptime and performance monitoring needs are different in the DevOps age. So is the approach that MSPs in managed IT services should take to monitoring.
MSPs and Managed Services are Key to the Post-DevOps World
DevOps is now mainstream. To continue innovating, organizations will seek to automate all of their IT processes -- in other words, to do NoOps -- and MSPs can help.
DevOps Dictionary: A Guide to DevOps Words and Terms
DevOps has spawned a number of new words and terms -- and redefined existing ones -- since it began influencing communities of developers and sysadmins in the late 2000s.
How Docker Containers Help Save Money
Docker containers help companies save money by reducing hardware costs, increasing staff productivity and maximizing software scalability.
6 Top IT Trends MSPs Need to Know Today
We summarize and define of some of the most popular computing trends today, including Blockchain, serverless computing, cognitive computing, containers and microservices, IoT and DevOps.
Docker at Four: The State of the Docker Ecosystem from 2013 to Today
The Docker ecosystem has evolved significantly since 2013, marked by new technologies like Kubernetes, competition from the likes of Red Hat and AWS and Docker's embrace of open standards.
Will Lock-In Fears Scare Clients Away from AWS Lambda Serverless Computing?
Open alternatives to AWS's serverless computing framework are emerging from vendors like Platform9, which sees lock-in as a major problem.
How Data Storage is Changing - and What It Means for MSPs
NoSQL, in-memory computing, software-defined storage, cloud storage, container-ready storage and other trends are significantly changing the approach MSPs should take to data storage.
Open Source Serverless Computing Frameworks, and Why They Matter
Most serverless platforms available today run on closed-source code. But the open source world is not sitting idly by as more computing becomes serverless.
Why MSPs Need Monitoring, Data Analytics and Log Aggregation 1
It's easy to think of a managed service as something that includes just implementation and support. But that's a mistake.
The Linux and Windows Ecosystems are Converging. Here's Why It Matters 1
Linux and Windows are increasingly similar to one another. That means organizations have to embrace them together, rather than thinking of Linux and Windows as an either/or choice.
How Serverless Computing Can Help Optimize Your Cloud Apps 1
Serverless computing can help you make much more efficient use of the public cloud. Here are some serverless computing use cases, benefits and limitations and serverless computing vendors.
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