Welcome to the Top 100 Cloud Services Provider (CSP) list for 2012. Also known as the Talkin' Cloud 100, this portion of the CSP list covers cloud computing companies ranked 70 to 61.

70. Blue Apache, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia: A Cisco, Citrix and HP partner, Blue Apache has a Network Operations Center (NOC) in Melbourne, Australia, that monitors customers' network traffic, backup and recovery systems. Top Exec: Chris Marshall, Managing Director

69. American Technology Services Inc., Fairfax, VA, USA: American Technology Services continues to blend IT consulting and IT development services with newer offerings like managed hosting and cloud hosting. Top Exec: Jeff Chandler, President

68. Newmind Group Inc., Kalamazoo, MI, USA: Newmind Group is one of the best-known providers of Google Apps services in the Michigan area, and the company has been expanding into New York and Salt Lake City, Utah. Top Exec: Daniel Jefferies, President

67. CentraStage Limited, Prestwood, Buckinghamshire, UK: CentraStage offers a SaaS-based IT management platform that's catching on with VARs and MSPs. Top Exec: Christian Nagele, CEO

66. NetStandard Inc., Kansas City, KS, USA: The company's managed and cloud services have driven five consecutive years of double-digit growth. Top Exec: Jeff Melcher, CEO

65. divestIT Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia: The company has been positioning itself as the top cloud services provider and top cloud consultant in Brisbane, one of Australia’s largest cities. Top Exec: Nigel Heyn, Managing Director http://www.divestit.com.au

64. TUC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Originally known for its franchise services, TUC has been acquiring MSPs that have cloud services expertise.
Top Exec: Mark Scott, CEO http://www.theutilitycompany.com

63. CHIPS Technology Group, Syosset, NY, USA: The well-known IT service provider in the SMB market has been pushing deeper into cloud services and electronic health records (EHR) offerings for customers. Top Exec: Evan Leonard, President

62. outsourceIT, La Plata, MD, USA: A leading MSP on the U.S. east coast, outsourceIT has been merging and acquiring its way into the cloud market. Top Exec: Craig Guice, CEO http://www.outsourceITcorp.com

61. Dito, Manassas, VA, USA: As one of the original 30 Google Apps Authorized Resellers, Dito is known as a go-to partner for cloud migration services. Top Exec: Jim McNelis, CEO

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